Meet the team



Annalisa was born and currently lives in Turin, where she works as a civil lawyer and chartered accountant.

Before being an assiduous lawyer, she has been working for 11 years on internationalization and European development projects which gave her the opportunity to travel all over Europe and beyond, witness multicultural environments first hand and experience challenges that made her more flexible and open minded.

She always aims for excellence and constantly looks for opportunities to grow and improve: that’s what attracted her most to Toastmasters International where she has been an active member since April 2017.

She first served Toastmasters Torino club as Treasurer and then as President. She was also an evaluation contest finalist at the 2018 Division Conference in Genoa.

Her greatest passion is dance, especially modern jazz. She has performed in theatres across Piedmont for over 30 years and taken part in many international dance competitions. She loves music and travelling so any occasion is a good reason to jump on a plane. She is also keen on skiing in the mountains and swimming in the open sea.

She is an enthusiastic person and believes that all dreams can come true if we have the courage, consistency and determination to fight for them, so “never give up” is her motto. Her goal? Making “Together Torino” one of the most memorable and exciting events that the city and fellow Toastmasters have ever experienced!

WORKSHOP CHAIR - Alberto Voglino

Alberto Voglino

I am an electronic engineer and I have spent over 10 years developing software for automotive applications in CNHI (and it looks like I’ll be doing it for the next years…​).

I live in Asti with Emanuela and our little dog Charlie.

Every day I "enjoy" going to Turin for work, spending 3 hours of my life in the car; thinking about what I can do at Toastmasters and how to organize my speeches and…​. obviously dreaming about driverless cars!

I joined Toastmasters in 2017, our corporate club Trucks & Tricks, to improve my leadership and communication skills.

I was elected SAA at first and now I am Vice President Education.

I am Workshop Chair for next Division Conference in Turin.

See you in April!

PR CHAIR - Alessandro Sacco

Alessandro Sacoo

I was born and currently live in Turin, where I work as IT Engineer for transport logistics of CNHi. I started this position after more than ten years of project management in IT manufacturing and warehouse management systems.

Work commitments meant I had to travel to several countries so I had the chance to see and enjoy different cultures. Each one was an amazing experience but wherever I go, whatever I do, I always feel I’m home as soon as I recognize Turin’s hills, river, the skyline of my mountains when I look out the plane window.

In fact, the mountains and music are my passions - as well as my two kids.

I always encourage them to go out of their comfort zone. This same motivation made me join Toastmasters in 2017 when someone in my team invited me to join a meeting of our corporate club, “Trucks & Tricks”. The club elected me VPPR in 2018.

FINANCE CHAIR - Marco Boscolo

Marco Boscolo

I was born in Turin into a Venetian-Piedmontese-Campano family.

I currently live in the dynamic working-class area of Santa Rita in Turin after having spent 21 years in the countryside.

I work as Engineer for an Automotive supplier not far from the city.

My position frequently gives me the opportunity to apply Toastmasters teachings to my work.

I am always curious about what is around me and I believe that you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to gain self-confidence and to be at peace with yourself.

It was hard to overcome my fear and start the Toastmasters experience, but I succeeded and now I am the Treasurer of Toastmaster Club Torino.

Toastmasters is definitely one of my greatest passions, but muscles need exercise as well: I play tennis and beach volley (even though I’m not so good at it …but I enjoy it a lot!), I also played a lot of football in the past.

I enjoy reading any kind of books, drinking good beer, as well as going on long walks.


Orlando Selenu

Ciao! I’m an Aquarius from Sardinia who loves crayons and simple colors.

The first time someone introduced me to TM was mid-May in 2013. My younger brother urged me to come along to a Toastmasters club - and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Since then I have worn different hats in the leadership paths including Secretary and President, and VPPR and VPE. I’ve been the Area Director of Turin and neighborhood since last July. My motto is "Sharing is caring" and this Division Conference is going to embody this motto! Every club in town is doing its share of work towards this goal!

This conference is going to be one of the highlights in the Toastmaster calendar! So make sure you join us!

SECRETARY - Giuseppe Marrara

Giuseppe Marrara

Giuseppe has lived in Turin since he was a child. He likes being immersed in the atmosphere of art, magic and culture of his city. He never misses the opportunity to have a coffee in the city’s historic cafes every time a friend comes to visit him. He spent most of his life in Turin but he also had the opportunity to work and study abroad. Travel and discoveries of new cultures are some of his passions.

He got his master degree in engineering in Turin and Madrid. During his career he worked in large companies and experienced different environments. Now he is working in the challenging area of brake systems on railway and metro transport.

He is curious about everything around him even in areas beyond his background.

During his spare time, he likes meeting new people and enjoying relaxing activities: swimming and yoga are just two of them.

‘Do one thing every day that scares you’ This is what Eleanor Roosevelt quoted. When Giuseppe joined Toastmasters, he recognized the excitement of the experience and opportunities for personal growth. Moving out of his comfort zone and the challenge to defeat the fear of public speaking led him here.


Julie Bradshaw

I am British and live in Turin where I work freelance for several University departments. I have many different roles, but the ones I enjoy the most are sourcing and organising internships abroad for Italian business undergraduates.

I’m a firm believer in the benefits of studying and working away from home and very gratified when I succeed in placing my students in a company or organization abroad.

Before coming to Italy, I worked in London as a journalist where I had five incredible years chasing stories up and down the UK as well as going to Canada to help promote UK-Canadian business interests. It was full on and part of the reason I came to Italy was because I wanted to “get away”.

I am a member of Radiant Rhetoric and thoroughly enjoy the buzz and camaraderie of our group’s meetings. Self-confidence is fundamental for an effective speech, but discipline, commitment and passion are what really count.


Valentina Mulone

I was born in Sicily which I left for good at the age of 21. I spent years of pilgrimage across northern Italy, France and United Kingdom studying and working. I finally settled in Turin in 2010, where I am currently working as credit analyst in the lending Department of the main local industrial automotive company.

Since I left my home town in Sicily, I have always lived close to rivers and parks, which give me a sense of freedom and a real connection with nature. In my spare time I enjoy running or just walking in the woods with my son. He is still very young, so I always try to inspire him to look closely at nature as well as everything around us, to be curious about life and its diversities and understand there are always new things to learn.

“Be open to diversity” is in fact my mantra which led me to join Toastmasters in 2017. Once I heard about the corporate club, “Trucks and Tricks” that had just launched in my company CNHi, it was love at first sight! I am currently Secretary and I will be until July 2019. I really think that Toastmasters is a great opportunity of self-improvement. I really hope you will enjoy Toastmasters and this Conference too!


Keith Sheldrake

Keith is British from a small town called Swindon, in the south of England. He graduated in Accountancy and is qualified Management Accountant in the UK. He is now a business trainer teaching finance for non-financial managers and presentation skills.

In 2003 he moved to Florence, Italy to be with his Italian girlfriend that is now his wife and mother to their two children. Keith is a journeyman, having moved over 20 times in his adult life. Things are beginning to settle down as he has lived in Turin for 5 years.

Keith started Toastmasters in Brussels, Belgium in 2008 and brought the concept back to Florence to start the Firenze Toastmasters in 2010. He has been president of three clubs (Firenze, Radiant Rhetoric & Torino), an Area Governor and the sponsor of several more clubs. He is now the Secretary for the Torino club. Keith is a regular competitor in the Evaluation contest in which he won the Division Contest in 2016.